Empowering God’s Women for their assignment

God has created each of us with purpose. Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, God already knew what He had planned for you. What is your assignment? What has God called you to do? Many times we are expecting flashing lights, earth shattering news, and mind blogging thoughts to prelude God’s plan revealed for our lives. The plan and purpose of God for your life is not as difficult to follow as many might think. God has already put in you everything you will need to accomplish what He has called you to do. Take a long hard look at your dreams, your passion, your desires, and your thoughts. Be attentive to the people who God brings into your path. What do they ask of you? Most likely your dreams, passions, desires and thoughts are connected to your purpose. Your passion will drive you, it gives you energy, while your purpose tells you who you are. We can be passionate about many things but our purpose will give us clarity. Your purpose will be what you have to offer mankind and more importantly what you have to offer God. Only you can fulfill your purpose, others may be passionate about the same things that you are passionate about but only you can accomplish it the way you were designed to accomplish it. One good rule of thumb to keep you on track is to strive to bring glory to God in all that you do and you will be fulfilling your purpose. To read more about this topic visit my website and purchase my books.



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