His Plan



I wrote a book several years ago titled Seven Blessing Blockers.  In this book I dealt with multiple things that hinder us from moving forward in life.  It was my goal to assist the reader in overcoming some of the things that prevent them from living the abundant life.  When I speak of abundant life I am not referring to money, cars, homes or any of the material things people consider to be abundance.  Instead, I am referring to living the life God designed for us to live.  A life that is full and rich with love. Every believer should strive to live the kind of life that will allow them to die empty.  When we return to our Heavenly Father we want to return having accomplished everything we were created to do.

In our quest to pursue our purpose there are many obstacles that we face along the way.  I can tell you from my personal experiences, at times it is difficult to stay focused. Life happens with or without us.  Time continues to move without our permission.  It is easy to get caught up in the things of life and miss out on living life.   A life filled with passion and purpose is worth living.

What I have found to be most helpful is to start my day by asking the Father “What would you have me accomplish this day?” If my desire is truly to fulfill the plan He has for me then certainly I must consult Him regarding the plan. It has been my experience that seeking God first can prevent a lot of detours and save much time during the course of the day.  In the chaos of this thing called life, God is our constant source of strength, for in our weakness He is strong.  Life can get busy, and things can change but God does not change. When we let go and let God we can accomplish His plan for our lives.

I am the first to admit that I spend too much time trying to figure things out.  With so many things coming at me, I can feel my stress level rising. But I want to challenge you today as I challenge myself, God does know what He has for us.  Settle in my friend and learn to trust God.  Seek to be obedient to His voice and you will end up right where you are supposed to be and right when you are supposed to be there. You can overcome the obstacles that seek to derail God’s plan for your life.  Rest in Him and be ready to move when He says move. Obedience is key!


Dr. Evelyn Johnson-Taylor

To purchase a copy of Seven Blessing Blockers visit  www.evelynjtaylor.org




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