After Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is officially over but not really.  Good mothers are to be acknowledged and appreciated every day.  What would you say constitutes a good mother?

  • A good mother loves her children unconditionally
  • A good mother prepares meals for her children
  • A good mother makes sure her children get proper rest
  • A good mother prays with and for her children
  • A good mother reads to her children
  • A good mother communicates with her children
  • A good mother is patient with her children
  • A good mother will sit up all night with a sick child
  • A good mother cleans up all bodily fluids
  • A good mother will discipline her children
  • A good mother is a parent first, not a friend
  • A good mother knows how to relate uniquely to each child
  • A good mother teaches her children by example
  • A good mother prepares her children for life
  • A good mother releases her children at the appropiate time
  • A good mother refrains from meddling uninvited in her adult children’s lives

If you do one or more of the things on this list, you are a good mother.

A mother’s influence is not just for her lifetime.  Her teaching will live long after she is gone.  There is no end to what a good mother does.  A good mother will do anything for her children.  I am thankful to God that I had a good mother. My mother is no longer with us here on earth, but  I was blessed to have her in my life throughout my childhood and beyond. I still carry with me her teachings and wise counsel and share often what I learned from her. The influence of a good mother is unmatchable.






Mother Annie Ruth Johnson

September 25, 1927- April 22, 2009


Dr. Evelyn Johnson-Taylor


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