What Makes A Good Father?



Although not met with the same enthusiasm as Mother’s Day, we pause on the third Sunday in June to honor our fathers. Children will take their fathers to dinner, buy them gifts, and send cards.  The sermon this Sunday will most likely speak to fathers in one way or another.  Many restaurants will offer discounts for the father’s meal on Father’s Day. Truly it is a day of celebration for those who take their responsibilities as a father seriously.

Looking at the definition of the word father we see a man who has produced or created a child.  It takes no real effort to possess the title of father. There is nothing said about his abilities, his love, his devotion, or his character.  Simply that he created a child.

While there are many fathers, there are some that stand out as good fathers.  A good father will do everything in his power to ensure that the needs of his family are met.  He may work long hours taking on additional jobs just to make sure his family is secure.

A good father not only provides for his family but he will be the spiritual leader of his family.  He will demonstrate the love of our Heavenly Father by the love he shows to his children.  Praying with his children and spending time teaching them about the love of God.

A good father will demonstrate for his sons and daughters how a woman should be treated by the way he treats his wife.  When the son sees his mother respected and cherished he gains much needed knowledge on how to build relationships with the opposite sex.  The daughter also learns how she is to be treated and will not settle for less than the example set by her father.

The role of a good father cannot be reduced to producing or creating a child.  But it encompasses the character and the integrity of the man.  I was blessed to have a good father who my children never met.  But because of the impact he had in my life they have an idea of what he must have been like.  I will close by saying happy Father’s Day to those who have accepted the duties that accompany the title. Know that your children are counting on you to help them to be the best they can be.  Be the kind of father that you want your sons to duplicate one day.

In honor of my father


 Bishop Martin Luther Johnson Sr.


     Gone but not forgotten

Dr. Evelyn Johnson-Taylor



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