We Are Family


During the Summer months, many families will come together to catch up and have fun. The chatter will include new family members who are there for the first time. Some family members will be missing for one reason or another. Some will have passed on while others simply just could not make it.

Recently, I met for the first time one of my great nieces.  A delightful young woman, filled with energy and passion for life.  She inquired if I could tell her more about my father, her great-grandfather. As I began to share with her some details of his personality, his hope and dreams for his family, it occured to me that even though I have fond memories of him, I seldom share them. It started me thinking just how little my own children know about their grandfather.

Life gets busy and less important things sometimes fall by the wayside.  We have good intentions but our good intentions never amount to putting things into action.  At this season of my life, I really want to focus on building and maintaining relationships.  Connecting with others is so important, you never know how God will use you to be a blessing in someone else’s life.  Or how God will use someone else to be a blessing in your life.

Visiting and sharing with other members of your family is a good thing. It might surprise you to learn who you most resemble in looks and personality.  Perhaps you can offer stories of family members who are deceased, making them come alive in the hearts of those who never met them in person.

As believers we are a part of a larger family.  This family is called the Body of Christ. The Scripture admonishes us to not neglect meeting with this family.   Hebrews 10:25.  When we fellowship with our brothers and sisters we draw strength and encouragment from each other.  Spend time getting to know family and learning about each other.  The ties that connect us are stronger than the challenges that divide us.

Behold how good and pleasant it is for God’s people to dwell together in unity.. Psalm 133:1.


Dr. Evelyn Johnson-Taylor


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