Life is constantly moving, and if you are not moving you will be left behind.  Each day brings new victories and new challenges to each of us.  It is important that we learn from yesterday so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.  There are no do overs in this life, we only get one shot.

Making the best of the time we have been given is a wise thing to do.  Each of us have been given an assignment here on earth.  Whatever your assignment is, focus on bringing it to completion.  None of us know how much time we have so we should take advantage of every opportunity to focus on our assignment.

It has been said that the graveyard is one of the richest places on earth for there lies many dreams.  Unwritten books, songs never penned, tasks never completed and lives never fully lived.  One of my greatest fears in life has always been returning to my Heavenly Father having not done what He created me to do.  And because of this fear, I strive daily to make each day meaningful.

Join me today in making a decision to make your life count.  You may not be able to finish every assignment, but get started on one.  I believe if we are diligent to work toward completing our assignment, God will raise up someone to carry on and complete what we could not finish.


Dr. Evelyn Johnson-Taylor



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