I have watched over the past few days as my hometown of Lumberton, NC is making national news headlines.  This community has experienced great devastation as a result of Hurricane Matthew.  Even now the flooding continues to be a threat to this close knit community.
Many people have never heard of Lumberton, but I graduated nursing school from Robeson Community College located in Lumberton. My first job as a nurse was at Southeastern General Hospital now called Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Lumberton.  In 1991, although I had not lived in Lumberton for nearly ten years, I returned there to be married at St. Mary Church in Lumberton.
I have strong roots and close ties to this community.  Many family members and friends who still reside in and around the area were affected by this storm and I have great love for the people of Lumberton.  While some of them have lost everything, I hear constant praise and thanksgiving to God in the midst of their tragedy.  They are not focusing on what they have lost, but on the goodness of God.  They are focusing on the many provisions that have been made to accommodate them during this time.  There are many volunteers who are bringing the necessary help to the community.
This tells us a little something about the people of Lumberton.  They are strong and resilient people.  They are people who care for each other and many of them have strong faith that will not be shaken by Hurricane Matthew.  Join me as we pray for this community and others who have been affected by the hurricane.  Even in times when we do not understand the reason, we know that we can trust God.
Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.” God is sovereign, He has all wisdom and, above all, He loves us.  Even in the bad times, God does not change, His great love for us remains.
Email me if you want to help – evelynjtaylor@evelynjtaylor.org

Dr. Evelyn Johnson-Taylor



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