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Stop! I don’t want it back, you can keep it. Frequently I hear believers proclaim, “I’m going to get my stuff.” While I understand the thought behind the proclamation, may I say “there are somethings that I do not want back.” If the anguish of this life caused you to lose your joy, peace, or something of value then yes you need to get it back. But if something has gone from my life that has caused me to trust God more then I don’t want it back in my life. Many times we try to hold on to things that God wants us to release. There are some people we need to disconnect from. I’m not talking about your spouse or children but I am referring to those relationships that bring you heartache and bring God no glory.


I vowed this year to be more intentional about how I pray and how I live. Everything for me has to be connected to my purpose. I’m tired of the days of just doing things so that I can say, “I did it.” If it’s not connected to the plan that God has for my life then I’m letting it go and I say bye-bye.  The important thing to remember is that once you say bye-bye, don’t go back and get it.


Our cry to the Lord should be “God I want to know your heart.” “If we are truly going to make an impact in the Kingdom we have to let something go and not try to get them back. Learn to spend more time in the presence of God. Worshipping, praying, studying and reading His Word. To be mighty in the Kingdom we need our artillery ready and we must know how to use it. The weapons will do us no good if we don’t have the proper training. Our time in prayer and study of God’s Word provides us with the necessary training.


Instead of worrying about what you need to get back, focus on what you need to do to preserve the assignment God has given you. Learn to pray over and for your family. Pray for will for their lives, He has a better plan then we could ever imagine.  For many of us the things we proclaim the enemy stole were never ours to begin with. When you lose a car, or a home it’s not always the devil attacking your finances. It could be as simple as overspending and poor planning. It could also be related to your disobedience in giving.  If you are unwilling to sow into the Kingdom of God, you cannot expect God to bless your finances. We give the devil too much credit, let him have the junk he took and allow God to mold you into what He has called you to be.

Dr. Evelyn Johnson-Taylor

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Do you ever feel like you have too many balls in the air? Well that’s how I feel today, so many things going on but not really accomplishing anything. My advice to you and to myself is to just breathe and take a moment to focus. What is it that you really believe God is calling you to do? And how can you best accomplish that goal?

Below are 5 steps to help you refocus and gain some perceptive on what your divine assignment might be.

  1. Pray and seek the heart of God
  2. Have a conversation with your spiritual leader or mentor
  3. Make a list of all that you are trying to accomplish
  4. Begin to ponder what avenues might be available to assist you in accomplishing your goals
  5. Rest in God knowing that He knows the plans He has for you

Okay! That sounds easy right? Well, I will be the first to admit that it is not as easy as it sounds. There are so many things yearning for our attention and they all seem equally as important. A wise friend shared some worthy instructions with me that I will share with you. She told me, ” No matter how important it may seem if it is not what God has called you to do release it.” In fulfilling your purpose you may have to walk away from good opportunities, and even from some prosperous ministry assignments.  Remember, every assignment is not for you and while you are utilizing your valuable time on something that is not for you, God’s plans for your life remains unfulfilled.

Let’s be intentional about seeking God for His direction for every area of our lives.

Stop juggling and start producing!

Evelyn Johnson-Taylor Ph.D.


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