Do you ever feel like you have too many balls in the air? Well that’s how I feel today, so many things going on but not really accomplishing anything. My advice to you and to myself is to just breathe and take a moment to focus. What is it that you really believe God is calling you to do? And how can you best accomplish that goal?

Below are 5 steps to help you refocus and gain some perceptive on what your divine assignment might be.

  1. Pray and seek the heart of God
  2. Have a conversation with your spiritual leader or mentor
  3. Make a list of all that you are trying to accomplish
  4. Begin to ponder what avenues might be available to assist you in accomplishing your goals
  5. Rest in God knowing that He knows the plans He has for you

Okay! That sounds easy right? Well, I will be the first to admit that it is not as easy as it sounds. There are so many things yearning for our attention and they all seem equally as important. A wise friend shared some worthy instructions with me that I will share with you. She told me, ” No matter how important it may seem if it is not what God has called you to do release it.” In fulfilling your purpose you may have to walk away from good opportunities, and even from some prosperous ministry assignments.  Remember, every assignment is not for you and while you are utilizing your valuable time on something that is not for you, God’s plans for your life remains unfulfilled.

Let’s be intentional about seeking God for His direction for every area of our lives.

Stop juggling and start producing!

Evelyn Johnson-Taylor Ph.D.


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