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From the heart of a caregiver:


“Caring for a loved one is most likely one of the greatest challenges a person will face in life. Many have walked this road before me and offered insight, and for that I am grateful. Each person’s journey is unique, but the mission remains the same. How do you care for a loved one in a way that adds value to their life while not diminishing the value of your own life?”


That is a question that I ask myself. When a person is in great pain, it is hard for them to focus outside of their own experience. While showing compassion for another do not forget to show yourself the same compassion. It is vital that the caregiver be in good health emotionally and physically to be effective as a caregiver.


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See Me Hear Me Know Me



Over the next few blogs I will be sharing excerpts from my new book See Me Hear Me Know Me from The Heart of the Caregiver. This book was written to give a voice to caregivers who are often known as the invisible victims. In this book I admonish the reader to not just see the functions of the caregiver but to see the heart with which they performs their daily tasks.

The excerpt below deals with when my husband was preparing for his stem cell transplant:

Book Excerpt

The patient and the caregiver are required to meet with the transplant nurse and transplant physician, who discusses the results of the vital organ testing and explains the details of the transplant. At this appointment, we received the report that his heart, lungs, and kidneys were all in excellent condition and the latest bone marrow biopsy was clean. Scott was an outstanding candidate for the stem cell transplant. All parties appeared to be ready and the bone marrow transplant was scheduled. We had come so far and were feeling hopeful that this would soon be in our distant memory. But we encountered one unexpected challenge. A challenge we never thought about; we did not see this one coming. 

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