Rain, rain go away, or not! Over the last few weeks, we’ve had a lot of rain. I love the slow rainy days, especially if I don’t have to go out in it. There are so many benefits to rain. It nourishes the ground, causing new life to bloom. It washes away impurities from the plants and trees. It cools the flame of forest fires.

Rain replenishes the earth with fresh water, giving us cleaner oceans and adding moisture to the air. We reap so many good things from rain, but rainy days can also make us feel tired, lazy, and nonproductive. We want to sleep. Rain, just as in life, the good generally outweighs the not so good. The majority of people I know would say that their blessings far outnumber their disappointments.

Today, I have a task that I would rather not have, but as I look out the window watching the rain, I am reminded of the many blessings in my life. I would say unequivocally that the good in my life far outweighs the not so good things that I experience from time to time.

I would say, “the next time we are feeling the need to complain about life, think of the benefits of the rain” Just as the rain has benefits so does the not so pleasant things that happen in your life time to time. God has a way of bringing good out of a not so good situation.

Be blessed!
Evelyn Johnson-Taylor PhD

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Thank you Kristen for inviting us to speak at the Stroke Caregiver’s support group at Florida Hospital today. Met some awesome caregivers.