Great is Our God

When I consider all His handiwork, I stand in awe of His greatness. I have just spent the most amazing five days with some of the most amazing people in the world. Talented writers, gifted speakers and just downright nice people. What an energy-packed environment to gleam and be refreshed in.

To be able to see the hands of God in everything is to be in a place of Thanksgiving. I met some wonderful people who had some wonderful things to share. Each of us have value and purpose, learn to use every opportunity to let others know how great our God is. We can do this simply by the life we live and the words that come from our lips.

We are the work of His hands, His masterpiece. We have been chosen to represent Him in the earth. When we represent well, we say to the world that our God is great.

Evelyn Johnson-Taylor RN, PhD

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