Who Am I

2017-07-09-07-45-35-900x596.jpgI teach a course titled Christian Character at Grace and Truth Christian University. Each time I teach this course, it is a time of re-evaluation for me. Character speaks of the emotional and ethical qualities characteristic that make up each individual.  Character is not what you do or what you have but who you are.

My desire always is to live in a way that represents Christ. I am painfully aware that I don’t always accomplish my goals in that area. To be honest, some days I just want to be left alone.

I believe every believer should take inventory of their character often. To see who it represents most. Those things that we call small and often overlook speak volumes to who we are. As believers our character is all we really have. Names, riches, and other material things will fade but who we are in the core of our being will remain. People will remember how you treated them long after you are gone.

When we look at our character as believers, what are our non-negotiable? Lines that we will not cross? If I say, I don’t steal, will I steal if I’m hungry? If I say I support you, will I support you as long as it doesn’t interfere with my dreams? I pray for grace to do what I cannot do on my own. So on those days when I would rather be left alone, His grace helps me to represent who I am as a believer.

For more information about the class on Christian Character click the link above. Online class and or distance learning is also available.


Evelyn Johnson-Taylor

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